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Criminal and Civil Litigation

When we are retained to represent a client, our goal is to achieve their goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many times this occurs through negotiation and resolution before litigation. The reason this is effective is because other attorneys know we are always prepared to bring the matter through litigation to achieve the clients’ goals. When a practical result is not attainable voluntarily, we enjoy going to court to advocate for our clients.

We have experience in civil litigation that spans many practice areas; collections, landlord-tenant law, personal injury, banking disputes, breach of contract actions, tax appeals, fraud, criminal prosecutions and defense, domestication and enforcement of foreign judgments, emergency actions for injunctive relief, and many more areas. Call us for assistance with your matter, and we will assist you in achieving your goals through negotiation or litigation.

Criminal Defense

We have over seven years’ experience as the Assistant City Solicitor for Law Enforcement. This experience allowed us the privilege of working very closely with the Newport Police Department as well as many judges and excellent criminal defense attorneys. We have the hard-earned reputation for efficient, ethical, and excellent work.

The role of a prosecutor is to achieve justice. The role of a criminal defense attorney is to zealously represent his or her clients. We have conducted hundreds of trials and resolved thousands of matters through the pretrial process. Our relationships, reputation, and tactical abilities will be utilized to provide you with a zealous criminal defense. With our experience in prosecuting and defending all types of criminal charges, we will ensure that the State has provided you with due process and that your constitutional and statutory safeguards have been protected.

DUI Refusal

First and foremost, do not drink and drive. If you are accused of this offense, you may also have been charged with refusal to take a chemical test. A DUI with test results is a technical and difficult case for the State to prove. If you are charged with this offense, you need an experienced attorney who knows this law and its associated procedures inside and out. As a former prosecutor, we do.


If you are charged with refusal to take a chemical test you are facing serious civil charges. You may be facing significant fines, community service, loss of license and interlock devices. Call us to help you through this complicated process.


Rhode Island has an entire chapter of laws that deal with the regulation of the relationship between landlords and tenants. Generally speaking, these laws are favorable to the tenant. We have represented large apartment complexes faced with serious accusations made by tenants, and also in eviction actions. We have also, on occasion, represented tenants who have been treated unfairly by their landlord.

If you are a landlord or a tenant in need of guidance in dealing with this area of the law, we will put years of experience to work for you. we will advise you on the best way to avoid problems and pitfalls in your leases, and how to avoid running afoul of the Rhode Island Landlord Tenant Act.

Personal Injury

An injury caused by the negligence of another is the state of what can be a difficult road to recovery. In addition to recovering your physical health, you need the appropriate advocate on your side to represent your interests with the insurance company as you seek compensation for your injuries.

We have been lead counsel on several personal injury matters which have resulted in six-figure settlements for our clients, and many more cases with very successful results.

Contact us so we can lead you through the complicated process of making an appropriate demand, filing suit, and litigating your claim to achieve an appropriate resolution.

Municipal Law/Zoning

In our roles as Solicitor and in our private practice, we have significant experience before local City and Town Councils and Boards. State laws and regulations and Local Ordinances can be difficult to comply with because they are complex. We can assist you and advocate for you to help you achieve your goals.

Education Law

If you are a school district, you may be faced with demands by parents who assert the district is not complying with state and federal educational requirements. We have experience in defending against these claims. We will assist the school district in avoiding these claims to begin with, preparing for a potential challenge, and we will guide the District through the due process hearing process.

The education of a child is a precious and critically important obligation of a local school district. It must provide your child with a Free Appropriate Public Education, otherwise known as FAPE. If you do not believe your school district is providing your child with FAPE, contact us to review your circumstances.


Neil P. Galvin

Neil P. Galvin has been a practicing attorney in Newport since 1978. He practices in the areas of Real Estate Development and Transactions, Zoning, Probate, Commercial Law, Education Law, Banking Law, Civil Litigation and Personal Injury. He was born in Newport and graduated from Fairfield University in 1975 and from Suffolk Law School in 1978. He was a member of the Newport School Committee from 1981-1985 and has been its General Counsel since 1987. He is also a Trustee of BankNewport. Neil also serves as an Arbitrator for the Rhode Island Court Annexed Arbitration Program. Neil’s clients include BankNewport, Vanderbilt Hall, LLC, the Newport School Committee, the Spouting Rock Beach Association, Boys Town, the Peregrine Group, and many other businesses and individuals. Notably, Neil served as counsel to Carnegie Abbey Club, LLC, in its development of a $200 million mixed residential and golf course project in the Town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He was a member of Corcoran, Peckham, Hayes & Galvin, P.C. from 1997-2018.

Girard Galvin

Girard Galvin has been a practicing attorney in Rhode Island since 2005. He practices in the area of Civil and Criminal litigation, Municipal and Zoning law, Education law, and Personal Injury, among other areas. Girard graduated from James Madison University, Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in History, in 2000 and received his JD from George Mason University School of Law in 2005. Girard worked for the United States House of Representatives Armed Services Committee between college and law school. Girard was associated with Corcoran, Peckham, Hayes & Galvin, P.C. from 2005-2009, and was a member of the firm from 2009-2016. In 2008, Girard became the Assistant Solicitor for Law Enforcement for the City of Newport, a position he held until July, 2016. In July, 2016, he was promoted to Assistant City Solicitor for Civil Litigation for the City of Newport. He founded Galvin Law in July 2016. In addition to his City work and private practice, Girard is a Bail Commissioner and also serves as court appointed counsel for indigent criminal defendants.


We practice in many other areas than those highlighted on this site. Call us to discuss your legal issue or question. If we cannot assist you, we will refer you to an ethical and experienced attorney in our large network of talented friends and colleagues.

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